Responsible Lighting Solutions

The Tebbs Group functions as overall lighting consultants for any size or range of client projects, whether new lighting installations, renovations or retrofits. Our company provides site assessments; energy audits, bid-response services, lighting-product specifications and proposals, complete program/project management, and client assistance in obtaining available incentives. We offer the full range of lighting products and controls available in today’s market. Our industry relationships allow a unique market approach, having the ability to access a wide variety of lighting product lines.


What are Responsible Lighting Solutions?

Whether it’s reducing your electric bill, having a better quality of light, leading to a happier and more productive work environment, improving the lighting appearance at one or more of your facilities, addressing a “green” initiative, buying American made products to boost Our economy, reducing your carbon footprint, or other goals for your lighting project…We believe all these and more lead to Responsible Lighting Solutions!

For individual locations, or a portfolio of sites…Let us help you improve your lighting, save energy, help our economy, and lead you to a better overall bottom line!


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