How do we help?

We will provide a detailed analysis and project proposal utilizing extensive available resources.  Our network of manufacturers, suppliers, and electrical contractors allow us to offer turnkey solutions.

We will also work with your designated electricians to obtain installation costs upon request, and include them in our complete proposal. Our proposals include everything you need to make an educated decision on your lighting project: product specification, energy savings analysis, and available incentives.

Let’s discuss your current, as well as future needs and wants for improved lighting at your facility!


What are your options? 

Today’s lighting industry offers a number of energy efficient lighting solutions.  We have direct manufacturer relationships enabling us to provide all of the latest state-of-the-art products on the market.  Products are available to satisfy your preferences and lighting requirements.

There are a number of technologies you may select that will provide significant energy savings compared to your existing lighting.

Lighting options include: Advanced Technology HID, Fluorescent, Induction, LED, and even Outdoor Solar Lighting.  There is a wide range of solutions covering everything from fixtures to lamp replacement as well as control systems and add-on components.  These new products provide maximum lighting performance, energy savings (typically 50% – 80%), maintenance reduction, provide environmental benefits, contribute to our economy, and an recognize an overall improvement in your bottom line!


Where do we start?

The first step to your lighting project is simple.  A site visit to determine your existing lighting, along with a answers to a few simple questions will allow us to suggest your best options.

In the event you can provide additional information, such as an existing lighting layout in CAD format, we will be able to analyze your situation even faster and provide highly detailed lighting performance calculations.  This would also enable us to show a professional depiction of our proposed solution, with a rendering of the new lighting in action.

Additionally, we will provide information regarding available incentive/rebate programs available that could apply benefit to your project.

Our initial consultation, lighting audit, and project proposal are performed at no cost!